BREAKING! McCain And Right Hand Man BUSTED, Immediately Invokes 5th Amendment – Trump was RIGHT! – Proud American

BREAKING! McCain And Right Hand Man BUSTED, Immediately Invokes 5th Amendment – Trump was RIGHT!

He’s going Down!!!!

An associate of everyone’s favorite RINO Arizona Senator John McCain took the Fifth Amendment in order to avoid testifying before the House Intelligence Committee on the now disproven opposition research Russian dossier which claimed deep ties between Candidate Trump and the Kremlin.

The committee originally issued the subpoena for David Kramer, who is a former State Department official and current senior director of the nonprofit Soros funded “McCain Institute” in December of 2017. According to Committee Chairman Devin Nunes of California had wanted to speak with Kramer about his visit to London back in November 2016. According to court documents during that visit, he met with the author of the dossier, former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

David Kramer greets Sen. Tim Kaine at the Halifax International Security Forum in November 2016

The documents also go on to show that he, in fact, met with Steele at McCain’s request, to view a the pre-election memoranda on a confidential basis. Kramer then traveled back to the U.S. and gave copies of the memos to McCain, who in turn handed the documents over to the FBI and many on the Democrat Party.

This fake dossier which was picked up by Kramer at the request of McCain was the basis for the Barack Hussein Obama administration petition to wiretap Trump Tower while Donald Trump was a candidate for President.

Via National Review:

He chose to operate like the standard-issue politicians he likes to rail against.
In 2008, presidential candidate John McCain bravely proposed a health-care reform that Fortune magazine said was a giant step toward “laissez faire liberty” in health care. He wanted to empower consumers to find the best health care and even end the tax break for employer-sponsored plans.

In 2015, McCain joined all but one other GOP senator in voting to repeal Obamacare. The next year he ran an ad in his primary campaign against a Tea Party Republican claiming he was “leading the fight to stop Obamacare.” That ad helped him win 51 percent of the primary vote.

Just this year, McCain introduced a bill to “fully” repeal Obamacare and replace it with a “free-market approach that strengthens the quality and accessibility of care.”

Then, last Friday, McCain faced a choice on the Senate floor. He could vote with all but two of his GOP colleagues for “a skinny repeal” bill and get to a conference committee, where negotiators from the House and Senate could devise a bill that might pass both chambers. Or he could effectively leave Obamacare in place, dooming any realistic effort at curbing it given the uniform Democratic opposition to any real reform.

McCain sided with the status quo, killing the “skinny repeal.” Journalists rushed to gush over his vote, cast only a few days after a surgery to remove a dangerous brain tumor. The New Yorker’s take was typical: “Throughout his political life, John McCain has for many reasons enjoyed bipartisan respect and even reverence: his independence of mind (usually), his candor (usually), his decency, his love of country.”

McCain’s stated reason for killing reform was that the bill in front of him “fell short of our promise to repeal and replace Obamacare with meaningful reform.” True enough, but this is a perfect example of letting the perfect be the enemy of the better.

Obamacare is a disaster that, left untouched, will be saved only by a massive taxpayer bailout of insurance companies. Premiums on Obamacare exchanges have gone up by double digits annually ever since their formation in 2013. Out-of-pocket expenses — including copays and deductibles — rose 40 percent, to $2,649 per person on average, between 2011 and 2014. Hundreds of counties across the country are likely to have no health insurers offering plans on their local exchanges next year.

McCain’s vote represents a complete reversal of the position he won his Senate election with.

Far from being a modern-day “profile in courage,” McCain’s vote against advancing Obamacare reform represents a complete reversal of the position he won his Senate election with last year. John Merline of Investor’s Business Daily notes that “In the private sector, promising one thing and delivering the other could be referred to as ‘deceptive trade practice.’ For some members of Congress, it’s just another day at the office.”

Like every American, I wish John McCain the best in his battle against a brain tumor. But in what may prove to be one of the most important votes he has cast in his 35 years in Congress, he chose to operate like the standard-issue politicians he likes to rail against.

Are we really surprised by the fact that John McCain was working against the Republican Candidate for President? He has spent his whole time in the Senate working against Republicans and for the Democrats. Not completely sure why he didn’t just run as a Democrat, except for the fact that under the Democrat banner he would have never been able to win in Arizona. So he runs as a Republican cycle after cycle while he milks the idea that he was a POW.

Senator McCain, there have been thousands of POWs and although it does make you a hero, it doesn’t make you honorable, something that you have proven countless times throughoutyour political career. Now please retire already and let a real Republican take your place.

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